Preview: Hoppe's Ready Roll Gun Cleaning Kit

posted on May 24, 2021
Hoppe's now has a flexible, versatile cleaning kit that can travel with you to the range or enhance your at-home gun-cleaning station with its all-new Ready Roll. This cleaning kit is designed as a roll-out kit that gives you an easy way to keep all your cleaning gear organized, and it's even sized right to line the inside of a 5-gallon bucket, so you can keep all your range and cleaning gear in one convenient carry solution.

“The new Hoppe’s Ready Roll was designed to be the ultimate storage solution, offering easy transportability and convenience,” said Laurie Kokoruda, senior product manager for Hoppe’s. “Whether its used as a roll-up kit or placed inside a bucket as a portable cleaning station, the Ready Roll can be used multiple ways and helps keep your gear accessible whenever needed.”

The apron-style Ready Roll cleaning kit includes elastic MOLLE webbing that's designed to hold cleaning rods, brushes and other tools, and there are purpose-built pockets that can hold small bottles of cleaning solution, oil and more. Additional storage pockets are also included to give shooters more room for special cleaning implements and other accessories. The entire roll is constructed from durable rip-stop fabric, making it durable enough to withstand long-term use on ranges and in the field.

Consumers have two options in the Hoppe's Ready Roll lineup. The roll-up storage kit is available as a standalone item for $34.99, or you can get a pre-loaded cleaning kit complete with the company's gun-cleaning tools for $52.49. For more information, visit


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