Preview: Galco Ankle Holsters

posted on April 20, 2021
Galco Holsters, based in Phoenix, Ariz., unveiled three new additions to its existing category of ankle-worn pistol holsters. Despite the rise of ever-popular waistband level holsters, ankle holsters still have a few features which make them desirable for some users. For instance, they can be ideal for use in warmer weather or by individuals that plan on sitting for extended periods of time. It is also a popular location for a backup pistol, depending on user preference.

Galco has offered one ankle holster, the Ankle Glove, for the past two decades. The Ankle Glove is constructed from saddle leather and features a reinforced thumb break on most versions. This allows for a pistol to be locked in securely with the retention strap while still remaining easily deployed.

In addition to the Ankle Glove, Galco Holsters has three new additions to the category. The first is the Ankle Lite, based off a similar concept of the previous Ankle Glove. The Ankle Lite has a pocket made from Premium Center Cut Steerhide and features a retention strap and reinforced thumb break as well. This allows a pistol to be secured into the holster and easily deployed.

A further addition to the Galco line of ankle holsters is the Ankle Guard holster. The Ankle Guard does not use a retention strap and thumb break to retain the pistol. It is an open-top design, which reduces draw complexity and decreases draw time. The deletion of the thumb break retention also promotes users to not look at the holster during draw, and instead maintain visual focus on the target.

The Ankle Guard retains the handgun with an adjustable internal retention device that hold the pistol in place with friction exerted at the the trigger guard. It also has a "trench" style sight rail grooved into it to allow use with virtually all iron sight models. The Ankle Guard is also cut low, which allows it to fit most compact red dot sights.

The final addition to the Galco ankle holster lineup is the Cop Ankle Band, which is more economically friendly as well as more concealable. The holster pocket is made from elasticized nylon and has a neoprene ankle cuff that attaches to the back side. An adjustable hook-and-loop retention strap is included to better adjust the ankle cuff to the user's leg.

In fact, all three of the new Galco ankle holsters feature a wide and breathable neoprene ankle cuff along with the hook-and-loop adjustable retention-strap design. They also use sheepskin, or acrylic in the case of the Cop Ankle Band, padding to cushion the holster against the user's ankle. This enhances user comfort when the holster is worn over an extended period of time.

For more information on the new Galco Holsters Ankle Lite, Ankle Guard and Cop Ankle Band holsters visit


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