New For 2023: Savage A22 Takedown

posted on January 19, 2023

For 2023, Savage Arms has unveiled the A22 Takedown, a rimfire rifle that is quick to disassemble and just as easy to make ready, which is useful when camping, hiking, boating or even checking the back field for pesky critters. The repeating rifle is based on the company’s A22 action, and this semi-automatic platform is chambered for .22 LR, which makes this latest A22 rifle with a compact form a great purpose-built tool that is ready for any adventure. Watch the video above to see the A22 Takedown on the range at SHOW Show 2023.

The A22 Takedown employs a steel receiver with a semi-automatic action and features a unique new buttstock and fore-end. With a simple 90-degree twist, the gun easily breaks down for compact storage. In its functioning state, the A22 Takedown measures 36.875” from tip butt to muzzle and weighs under 6.5 lbs.

The barrel is 18”, made of carbon steel, blued and comes with a threaded muzzle for accessories. Ten-round rotary magazines feed the A22 action, and Savage has allocated space in the stock beneath the articulating comb to store three spare magazines. There is even dry storage in the pistol grip to keep tools or basic survival gear. Sling swivel studs in the stock are also included.

A survival do-all gun isn't complete without a set of factory-supplied sights, and Savage includes a set of low-profile sights that coexist with the included section of Picatinny rail, thanks to a sight channel within the rail. The sights are adjustable, but most users will likely opt for glass. Suggested retail price for the A22 Takedown rifle is $479. For more information, visit


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