New For 2022: Savage Arms Impulse Mountain Hunter

posted on October 24, 2022

Savage Arms has expanded its line of Impulse straight-pull, bolt-action rifles with the introduction of a new model for 2022: the Impulse Mountain Hunter. Watch the video above to get a first-hand look at this new sporting rifle as American Rifleman staff get a chance to handle and try out in person.

Since the release of the first model of the Impulse in 2021, Savage received repeated requests to expand the line to include a lighter option, better suited for use in mountainous terrain. The company has now met this demand by developing the Impulse Mountain Hunter, which weighs slightly more than 7 lbs., unloaded, which is less than the previous Impulse models. The most notable changes to the Impulse Mountain Hunter over previous iterations are the use of an aluminum receiver and Proof Research barrel. On top of the aluminum receiver is a 20 m.o.a. one-piece Picatinny rail running across the top, which is itself integral to the receiver. No iron sights are included on the Impulse Mountain Hunter, making this Picatinny rail the only sighting provision provided with the package. 

As for the barrel, the Impulse Mountain Hunter comes from the factory with Proof Research stainless-steel barrel, wrapped in carbon fiber. The muzzle of the barrel is also threaded for 5/8"-24 t.p.i., allowing for the attachment of muzzle devices and suppressors, and comes with a muzzle brake included. Offered in nine popular chamberings, which includes .308 Win., .30-'06 Sprg. and .300 Win. Mag., the barrels come in at 22" or 24", depending on the caliber selected. Ammunition is fed into the action via a detachable four-round box magazine. The action uses the same bolt design as the previous Impulse rifles, which features an ambidextrous and removable multi-position, straight-pull bolt handle. It also includes a tang-mounted push safety, as well as an adjustable AccuTrigger, which can be set from 1.5 to 4 lbs. of pull.

Another feature borrowed from previous iterations is the inclusion of Savage's AccuStock, which is made of matte-grey polymer. The AccuStock uses three-dimensional aluminum bedding to create a firm connection with the barreled receiver, and also features an adjustable length-of-pull, from 12.75" to 13.75",  and comb height thanks to the use of Savage's AccuFit technology. Other features found on the stock include well-defined checkered texturing on the semi-pistol grip and fore-end, as well as two tradition sling swivel studs located on the bottom of the butt and front portion of the fore-end. All Impulse Mountain Hunter rifles, regardless of chambering or barrel length, have a suggested retail price of $2,437. For more information on the new Savage Arms Impulse Mountain Hunter, visit


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