New For 2021: Savage Arms Impulse Hog Hunter

posted on January 23, 2021
Announced in early 2021, the Savage Arms Impulse Hog Hunter caught the industry by surprise. Though it may be hard at first to understand what Savage Arms is implying with the name attached to its latest incarnation of bolt-action rifle, a quick glance at an online dictionary will reveal that Savage has already succeeded with its Impulse; a force or movement of energy that causes something else to react.

The Savage Arms Impulse Hog Hunter is a straight-pull bolt-action rifle, with celebrated components that brand loyalists have come to love—AccuStock with its AccuFit system and the company’s adjustable AccuTrigger come standard. OD Green is the stock color of choice and Savage supplies a matte-black finish on its aluminum receiver and carbon steel barrel.

Chambering options for short- and long-action cartridges, such as 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win. and .30-’06 Sprg. are available in addition to the magnum length .300 Win. Mag. cartridge. Savage supplies a heavy-contour barrel that is threaded 5/8X24 t.p.i. and protected. A detachable box magazine is also provided for fast reloads to combat the fast-action experienced in hog hunting. Savage machines its receiver with a monolithic rail section that provides 20 m.o.a. of negative cant built in.

Check out the Savage Arms Impulse Hog Hunter in American Rifleman’s “New For 2021” feature video above.


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