New For 2022: Pietta GWII Posse II Revolver

posted on February 4, 2022
Pietta Great Western Posse Revolver F

F.lli Pietta/EMF, one of several Italian makers of reproduction firearms, announced the launch of its all-new GWII Posse II revolver in 2022, bringing a compact, single-action, .357 Mag. revolver with a color case-hardened frame, blued barrel and cylinder and finely finished walnut stocks.

“We pride ourselves on always staying ahead of the competition with our products,” said Alessandro Pietta, CEO of EMF. “All of us at the company have worked painstakingly hard to create such a beautiful pistol. We believe that the GWII Posse II will become a staple within our product line and we believe our customers will see the quality and craftsmanship after they first hold it.”

At the core of the Posse II is a classic Single Action Army frame, complete with a grooved top strap that acts as a rear-sight channel and a hinged loading gate on the right side of the recoil shield. Mated to the frame is an octagonal barrel measuring 3.5" long with an ejector-rod housing that runs to the end of the barrel. This provides a compact, carry-ready platform that can still be loaded and unloaded with the same technique as larger single-action revolvers.

Other features found in the F.lli Pietta Posse II revolver include a fixed front-sight blade, brass trigger guard and smooth, finely finished walnut grips. The gun differs from the original Posse model introduced in 2018 in that the original had a round 3.5" barrel and a blued-steel trigger guard. Suggested retail pricing on the Posse II has not been released, but the original Posse revolver retails for $600. For more information, visit


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