New For 2022: Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey

posted on January 13, 2022
Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey Shotgun F

Mossberg is expanding its all-new 940 shotgun lineup with two 12-ga. models designed specifically for turkey hunters. The Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey is available in 18.5" and 24" barreled options, and both guns come with an assortment of features designed to enhance field performance.

Each Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey shotgun is outfitted with HIVIZ CompSight fiber-optic sights, making target acquisition quick and easy. Additionally, the guns are outfitted with Mossberg's trademarked X-Factor ported choke tubes, providing greater pattern density. Additionally, each gun is fully covered with Mossy Oak's Greenleaf camouflage.

One of the other unique standouts on the 940 Pro Turkey is a milled receiver cut designed to accept Shield RMSc-pattern red-dot sights, giving hunters an easy-to-see sighting option for greater confidence. The receiver is also drilled and tapped for mounting conventional optics as well. There's aggressive texturing on the fore-end and buttstock to provide a solid grip in inclement field conditions, and a bilateral safety makes it easy to use for left- and right-handed users.

Both models of the Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey are outfitted with a 4-round magazine capacity, and each gun comes with an X-Factor XX-Full ported choke tube. Additional chokes are sold separately. Like the company's earlier competition models, the Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey is built for durability and reliability, having an operating system capable of running up to 1,500 rounds without cleaning. The shotgun's chamber can accommodate shell lengths of up to 3".

Regardless of barrel length, the suggested retail price on the Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey shotgun is $1,120. For more information, visit


Man suit tie handgun pistol drawing concealment concealed carry leather holster semi-automatic black pistol
Man suit tie handgun pistol drawing concealment concealed carry leather holster semi-automatic black pistol

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