New for 2021: Bergara Premier Competition Rifle

posted on May 16, 2021
Bergara Rifles' latest introduction is designed to give long-range competition shooters a dedicated platform for use in Production Class matches. The Bergara Premier Competition Rifle is loaded with enhancements that will help propel shooters to the top of the match board.

“As a brand known for our precision barrels, it’s natural for our customers to want to compete with our guns," said Damon Bungard, BPI Outdoors senior marketing manager. "We’ve been hearing their requests for a purpose-built platform that addresses the specific needs of competitive shooters, and we wanted to build the best offering we could for Production class PRS style shooters. We’ve teamed up with the best in the business to make the Premier Competition Rifle that win-win reality.”

Each Bergara Premier Competition Rifle starts with the company's Premier action, which is paired with a #7 profile barrel machined from stainless steel and designed to be stiffer and more stable to prevent migrating shot groups as the barrel heats up during long strings of fire. The 26" barrel is available in 6 mm Creedmoor and 6.5 mm Creedmoor chamberings.

This barreled action sits inside a MasterPiece Arms BA Competition Chassis, which is outfitted with an Arca Swiss rail that allows for easy mounting and position adjustment of shooting tripods and bipods. The chassis also accommodates an AICS-pattern magazine well, and each rifle ships with a 10-round magazine.

You'll also find a TriggerTech trigger inside the action, and thanks to the unit's Frictionless Release Technology, it'll provide a crisp, clean consistent trigger pull across thousands of rounds. Unloaded, the rifle weighs 12.7 lbs., and the overall length of the gun is 46". The rifle is compatible with all Remington 700 scope bases and features integrated QD flush-cup sling mounts, as well as a 5/8"-24 TPI threaded muzzle.

The suggested retail price on the Bergara Premier Competition Rifle is $2,499. For more information, visit


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