New for 2020: SIG Sauer P220 SAO Legion Series

posted on April 29, 2020

This latest addition to the SIG Sauer Legion series is an extension of the pistol designed for the Swiss Army during the 1970s. Fundamentally, not much has changed with SIG’s P220 pistol, until this latest addition. The Legion series treatments, chambering of choice and single-action-only function elevate SIG’s P220 progeny to a higher level. The pistol is built with a stainless-steel frame and slide rendered in SIG’s Legion Gray finish. Topping the slide are X-RAY3 sights containing Tritium equating in a sight picture conducive for accurate fire day and night.

“This is a single-action-only pistol, giving it a lighter trigger pull, combined with the increased energy of the 10 mm round, for more power and performance. On top of that, we’ve added the exclusive SIG Sauer Legion series features and enhancements, which really takes it to the next level, putting a modern twist on this SIG classic,” said SIG Sauer’s Tom Taylor.

Left-side view of SIG Sauer P220 Legion 10 mm pistol on black background.

Measuring 8.8” x 5.5” and chambered for 10 mm Auto, the Legion series P220 SAO weighs in at 44 ozs. and features a 5” carbon-steel barrel. Specialized G10 stock are emblazoned with a Legion medallion and the slide’s top is stamped with Legion markings that add a unique look. Additionally, SIG provides enhanced checkering on the gun’s frame, trigger guard and included cocking serrations near the muzzle. Included are 3 eight-round magazines.

About the SIG Sauer Legion: Memberships entitle members to a complimentary premium zippered pistol case for Legion firearms, plus a custom, firearm-matching challenge coin. Each membership provides access to exclusive gear and merchandise. In addition to customized firearms and gear, as a Legion member, you’ll receive specialized insider communication from SIG Sauer.

To learn more about SIG’s Legion and its latest P220 10 mm SAO, please visit


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