Latest Loads: Speer Gold Dot Personal Protection 230-grain HP

posted on December 4, 2015

An original offering is sometimes difficult to top, and that’s exactly the case with the .45 ACP. For more than a century, 230-gr. bullets fired from the “forty-five” have proven to be the gold standard for personal protection. With its consistent, reliable expansion and high retained weight through “FBI protocol”-prescribed barriers, Speer’s Gold Dot (GD) Personal Protection hollow-point (HP) makes the bullet/cartridge combination even better. Using 6.6 grs. of Alliant’s new clean-burning, low-flash BE-86 propellant, and fired from the 4½" barrel of a Ruger P90DC, the 0.451"-diameter, 230-gr. GDHP attained 887 f.p.s., producing more than 400 ft.-lbs. of energy. With such ballistics and a stellar reputation, it’s little wonder why fervent .45 fans are loathe to deviate from the original.


Remington Model 7
Remington Model 7

The Remington Model 7: A Lightweight Legacy Rifle

Since its introduction in 1983, the bolt-action Remington Model 7 gained favor with sportsmen for its low weight and wide range of chamberings.

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Review: SIG Sauer P365-380

SIG Sauer now offers a smaller version of its P365 line with the P365-380, which is chambered for the .380 ACP cartridge instead of 9 mm Luger.

Firearm Companies Support Ukraine With Donations

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a number of firearm, ammunition and accessory companies stepped up to support the embattled nation, sending donations of guns, ammunition, optics and cash.

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine has seen a proliferation of snipers—equipped with a variety of rifles—on both sides. Here, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject of military sniping takes a look at the combatants, along with their arms and ammunition.

Preview: KORE Essentials Garrison G1

The Garrison G1 is a 1¾"-wide tactical gun belt rated to support up to a 10-lb. load.


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