First Look: Federal Premium HST In .357 Mag. & .327 Fed. Mag.

posted on January 18, 2022
Federal Premium Hst 327 Fed Mag 2022 F

Federal Premium's HST bullet design has been a proven and trusted option for self-defense use for years, backed up by definitive testing through the FBI Protocol. Now, the bullet is available in both .357 Mag. and .327 Fed. Mag. cartridges, giving owners of guns chambered for the rounds another solid option for personal protection.

The Federal HST bullet is built around a specially engineered hollow point design, which provides consistent, reliable expansion in tissue. Another highlight of the round's design is its ability to pass through many different kinds of barriers and still exceed minimum performance expectations. HST bullets are also built to stay together throughout penetration, retaining almost 100 percent of its weight through tough targets.

The benefit of having this bullet design in a .357 Mag. or .327 Fed. Mag. cartridge is that the magnum power of the rounds takes the bullet's performance in tissue to another level, maximizing expansion and penetration. The .357 Mag. option is loaded with a 154-grain hollow point round, while the .327 Fed. Mag. offering features a 104-grain projectile. Both rounds are crafted to provide an ideal amount of penetration for self-defense use. Each cartridge is loaded in a nickel-plated case, which makes shell extraction much easier in a traditional revolver, thanks to the heightened lubricity of the case. A high-performance primer also guarantees ignition.

Suggested retail pricing per box of .357 Mag. and .327 Fed. Mag. HST loads is $42.99 and $37.99, respectively. For more information on these new offerings, visit


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