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The Armed Citizen® March 12, 2021

The Armed Citizen® March 12, 2021

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A homeowner and son were forced to defend themselves when a group of masked men broke into their Pageland, S.C. residence on March 5, 2021.

The incident began that Friday morning when the homeowner and son were getting ready to leave for work and a young man walked up to the front door asking for directions. As the two were talking with the young stranger, a second youth came around the corner armed with a handgun and forced the two into their home. Back inside the home, one of the armed robbers began to fight with the homeowner and shot him in the leg.

The homeowner's son managed to grab a shotgun sitting in the home and shoot the other young armed robber in the head. The first robber ran out of the home where a third accomplice in a white car, and they fled the scene. The 17-year-old robber who was shot in the head died of his injury at the scene.

Police determined that the three youths had targeted the home for robbery, and that the surviving robber had tried to break into the same home back in Dec. 2020. The surviving robber was later caught and charged with two counts of attempted murder, first degree burglary and use of a deadly weapon during a violent crime. (wbtv
.com, Charlotte, N.C., 03/10/2021)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives April 1977

Although 19-year-old Rebecca Vigil of Stockton, Calif., had never fired a pistol in her life, when two armed robbers invaded her boy friend's gas station and began to beat him, she took effective action. She first located a hidden .22-cal. revolver and emptied it into one of the crooks, she then retrieved a pistol dropped by the fatally wounded thug, and used it to kill his partner. (The News-Sentinel, Lodi, Calif.)

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