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The Armed Citizen® September 21, 2020

The Armed Citizen® September 21, 2020

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A homeowner in Flower Mound, Tex., defended himself and his home when a robber forced his way into the residence on Sept. 13, 2020.

The burglary began around 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon, when the robber broke into the house through the back door. Once inside, the robber then confronted the homeowner. The homeowner verbally warned the robber several times to leave the residence. Despite the warnings, the robber continued to move towards the homeowner.

Feeling threatened by the robber's continued advance, the homeowner drew a firearm and fired a single shot at the robber inside the home. The robber was struck in the chest and quickly fled the residence after the shot. The wounded robber made his way to a vehicle with a female accomplice waiting outside and fled the scene. Police responded to the scene a short time later and were able to locate the getaway vehicle in the area with both the robber and accomplice.

The wounded robber was transported to a medical center for immediate surgery and remained in critical condition at press time. The woman accomplice was taken in for question by authorities before being placed in custody for an unrelated parole violation warrant. Police said that no charges are expected to be filed on the homeowner. (crosstimbersgazette.com
, Flower Mound, Tex., 09/13/2020)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives April 1971   

Leland Bellot, 34, of Placentia, Calif., heard a disturbance in a room of his home where his wife and four women guests had gathered. Grabbing a .45-cal. pistol to investigate, he discovered an intruder holding the women at gunpoint.

When the man pointed his shotgun at him, Bellot fired, grazing the man's head and knocking him down. Police later charged the suspect with the armed robbery of a local service station. (Daily News Tribune, North Orange Co., Calif.)

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