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Editor’s Choice: Trijicon Ventus

Editor’s Choice: Trijicon Ventus

Ventus Doppler LIDAR chart

Trijicon has invented a handheld, battery-powered device that measures downrange wind and uses that info to provide ballistic corrections in an eyeblink. Chew on that for a moment.

The Ventus laser rangefinder solves wind-doping by employing Doppler LIDAR to measure omni-directional wind effects, thus creating a virtual “wind map” instantly analyzed by an integral processor.

When synced with a Trijcon app bearing specific rifle/load data on the user’s mobile device, adjustment cues for trajectory and wind correction will come up for the shooter’s selected distance. Trijicon says the unit is collimated to operate in nearly all weather and environmental conditions and will range highly reflective targets out to 5,000 yds.—a reach as long as any instrument on the civilian market.

A tad smaller than a collegiate dictionary, the Ventus is slated for consumer sales by mid-year, with MSRPs reputed at around $8,000. That’s the price of future technology made real.

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