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The Armed Citizen® March 9, 2020

The Armed Citizen® March 9, 2020

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Around 8:30 P.M. on a Sunday evening, a 31 year old homeowner was forced to defend himself and his property when several assailants tried to rob him. Men wearing ski masks and armed with handguns kicked in his front door and proceeded to try and enter the home. Two of the masked men made it within the entryway when the homeowner pulled his own handgun in response. The homeowner fired multiple rounds at the intruders. One of the would-be robbers was killed in the entryway while the others fled the scene. Police are still searching for the other suspects. (WAND-TV News Center 17, Decatur, Ill., 01/21/2020)   

From the Armed Citizen® Archives 
April 1973

Jeffery Wallis, who lives above Johnsonburg, Pa., hardware store, was awakened one night by thumping sounds from below. Creeping downstairs he spied two men apparently scraping ammunition into a bucket. Wallis returned upstairs, grabbed his .22 rifle, told his wife to call the police and then captured the crooks as they attempted to leave the store. They were apprehended with two buckets of ammo and 16 handguns. (The Daily Press, St. Mary's, Pa.)

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