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NRA Women: Blazing Her Own Path

NRA Women: Blazing Her Own Path

NRA Women shooter
NRAWomen.com, published by and for women, embraces the millions of women who experience a powerful sisterhood and shared values. It’s for first-timers at the range, lifelong gun owners and freedom-loving patriots who defend the Second Amendment.

NRAWomen.com covers everything the NRA Woman needs (and wants) to know as she blazes her own path forward as a self-defender, a huntress, a casual plinker ... and every inch an American. We’re bringing you the very best in breaking news, Second Amendment issues, armed self-defense, guns and gear created just for women and so much more.

NRA Women
Updated every day with a rich variety of articles and videos from women who are industry leaders, firearms instructors, hunters, skilled outdoorswomen and more, NRAWomen.com has something to welcome and intrigue you.

At NRAWomen.com you will learn more about Second Amendment-themed awards and scholarships; find out about the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum; and will read profiles of women who are passionately supporting these endeavors.

Ultimately, NRAWomen.com is about you. If you’re a man reading this, it’s for all the women in your life—wife, mother, sister, daughter, granddaughter, niece, co-worker—who must join NRA to strengthen its women’s movement.

Won’t you join us?

Visit membership.nra.org/WomenOfNRA/Join or call 866-359-4868. Each and every woman who proudly supports NRA should be heard. Your individual voice is powerful. But we are strongest coming together at NRAWomen.com.

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