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Preview: Timney Triggers Impact AR Straight Shoe Trigger

Preview: Timney Triggers Impact AR Straight Shoe Trigger

Timney Triggers, based in Phoenix Ariz., has earned a favorable reputation for its wide selection of drop-in trigger packs for various rifle platforms from bolt actions to semi-automatics. Out of all the various triggers it offers, those geared specifically for the AR platform are some of the most popular. Timney Triggers released a new variation of its baseline Impact AR series of triggers with a different profile from the standard curved shoe design, the Impact AR straight-shoe trigger.

The Impact AR series has been available on the market for a while now as a cost-effective aftermarket drop-in trigger pack for AR-15 style rifles and carbines. Like the standard Impact AR trigger, the straight-shoe version is self-contained with the hammer and trigger components are captive within an anodized aluminum alloy housing that make installation easier than the standard AR-15 trigger design. The Impact AR trigger is compatible with both standard AR-15 trigger pins and Timney Triggers’ proprietary anti-walk pins.

As with other drop-in Timney trigger packs, two small hex screws are located on the inner sides of the aluminum housing to add pressure against the trigger pins to prevent them from falling out. The hammer is wire-EDM machined out of billet S7 tool steel that is both resistant to wear and repeated impacts, with a carbo-nitride finish. Other components within the trigger pack are EDM cut from A2 tool steel that is heat treated to RC 56-60 hardness for increased service life.

The Impact AR series is designed with a pull weight of 3 to 4 lbs., single stage only. Each trigger is hand tested by Timney technicians to ensure they meet the desired specifications. The primary difference between the standard Impact AR trigger pack and the Impact AR straight-shoe version is the shoe design itself. As the name suggests, the straight-shoe version of the Impact AR trigger has a straightened trigger shoe instead of the traditional curved profile.

The straight-shoe profile helps reduce the perceived pull weight when breaking through the single stage. It should be noted that the Impact AR trigger series is only compatible with AR-15 style platforms and not the larger AR-10. The Timney Triggers Impact AR straight-shoe trigger has a suggested retail price of $135. For more information on the Impact AR straight-shoe trigger, visit timneytriggers.com.

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