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Product Preview: Brenshok No Drill & Tap Scout Scope Mounts

Product Preview: Brenshok No Drill & Tap Scout Scope Mounts

Mounting a scope to a surplus military rifle typically requires the removal of parts and/or permanent alterations to the firearm—choices that are undesirable, even unthinkable, for owners who wish to preserve their guns’ originality. The patented and cleverly designed No Drill & Tap Scout Scope Mounts from Brenshok LLC are the rare exception. The all-steel mounts feature a Weaver-style rail welded to an inverted-U base and a series of set screws that allows them to be fastened securely to the housings of factory iron-sight assemblies. Best of all, the original sights remain visible, albeit with a somewhat diminished range of adjustment, even with a scope or red-dot in place. The mounts, which cost between $55 and $90, are designed specifically for various iterations of Enfield, Mauser, Mosin-Nagant and Schmidt Rubin rifles. For more information, please visit scoutmount.com.

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