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The Armed Citizen® April 26, 2019

The Armed Citizen® April 26, 2019

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After a man tried to break into a home, shouting for his girlfriend, the homeowner was forced to act. First alerted by a loud banging on the rear door, the homeowner found the man first beating on the door then, after he was asked to leave, attempting to reach through the pet door to unlock the entryway. After the homeowner knocked the man's arm away from the knob, he backed away undeterred, and began lobbing rocks at the door. The homeowner continued to admonish the man to leave, even yelling "I will shoot you!" several times. The man ignored the warnings, however, and managed to unlock the back door and enter the house, at which point the homeowner shot him in the leg. (Arizona Daily Independent, Navajo County, Ariz., 3/31/2019)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
April 1986
The 58-year-old Garden Grove, Calif., homeowner, crippled by emphysema, looked like an easy target. But even though the man was dependent on an oxygen bottle, he managed to grab a pistol and kill the burglar who crawled in his kitchen window. (The Herald-Examiner, Los Angeles, Calif.)

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