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Editors’ Picks 2019: Winchester 350 Legend

Editors’ Picks 2019: Winchester 350 Legend

Winchester Ammunition has leveraged its dual proficiencies in manufacturing both .223 Rem. cases and .35-cal. projectiles to produce an economical and versatile new big-game chambering that essentially uses both—the 350 Legend. Based on a straight-walled, medium-bore case with the same head as a .223 Rem., the 350 Legend fits within the confines of AR-15-style magazines, operates at the same pressures as the .223 Rem. and, remarkably, is expected to hit the market at a very similar price point to that cartridge—yet offers far more energy on target. The chambering’s design also permits its application in those states that require the use of straight-walled cases for hunting. Quick to get in on the ground floor, Winchester Repeating Arms has already chambered a number of its XPR series bolt-action rifles in 350 Legend, and CMMG has unveiled three AR-platform Resolute carbines in the new cartridge. winchester.com

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