SHOT Show 2019: CMMG Resolute Carbines in 350 Legend

posted on January 25, 2019

Winchester unveiled its new straight-walled, medium-bore cartridge—the 350 Legend—earlier in the week, and it didn’t take long for an AR-platform host to come along for the exciting new chambering. CMMG, always looking to expand its cartridge portfolio, announced at SHOT Show 2019 that the company would be producing a line of Resolute carbines chambered in the new cartridge. 

Each sporting a 16” barrel, CMMG will be offering the 350 Legend (with a 1:16” twist rate) in its Resolute 100, Resolute 200 and Resolute 300 series of rifles—which are functionally identical to each other but feature increasingly more refined and enhanced furniture and components. The 350 Legend Resolutes are direct-impingement semi-automatics that make use of a carbine-length gas system. With the exception of the barrel and the dedicated 5- and 10-round 350 Legend magazines, the rest of the rifles use standard .223 Rem.-compatible parts—including the bolt head, bolt carrier group and buffer assembly.

Expected to be available in the next few months, in addition to complete rifles, CMMG will also be offering both 350 Legend-chambered complete upper receivers and individual barrels—for those who would rather build their own. For more on CMMG’s new 350 Legend-chambered Resolute carbines, visit



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