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The Armed Citizen® January 4, 2019

The Armed Citizen® January 4, 2019

neighbor at an apartment complex in Clarksville, Ind., came to the aid of a mother and her young daughter who were being battered after the mom and her boyfriend had an argument that turned violent. When the armed citizen saw the man beating and kicking the women, he grabbed his gun and told the assailant to stop. The victims moved to safety as the suspect lunged at their protector. The neighbor warned the attacker several times to stop or he’d shoot. Police said no charges would be filed in the fatal shooting. (wdrb.com, Louisville, Ky., 10/17/18)

The Armed Citizen Extra
A Midlothian carjacker learned the stairway to heaven isn't necessarily single file. A man, waiting in the car for his wife outside a grocery store, was caught off guard by two would-be carjackers, who entered the passenger and rear seat of his vehicle. The male intruder, who sat down in the passenger seat, briefly enquired "What's up?" before telling his intended victim, "The next thing you say, you're going to heaven." Unfazed, the driver reached into a bag beside him and retrieved his .40-caliber handgun, replying simply, "Let's go!" Upon hearing this, both carjackers promptly exited the vehicle and were later arrested by police outside the grocery store. (Dallas News, Dallas, Texas, 11/29/2018)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
January 1959
A fusillade from proprietor Albert Canton's licensed pistol greeted 2 gunmen when they attempted to rob his New York candy store. Blood spatter indicated hits on the fleeing thugs by the owner's 6 shots. (World-Telegram)

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