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The Armed Citizen® June 22, 2018

The Armed Citizen® June 22, 2018

Dogs are supposed to bark, but a North Carolina pet owner knew it was unusual for his dog to do that. So when he was awakened one morning by the noise, he decided to check on his dog. Arriving downstairs, he noticed a stranger in his outdoor sunroom. The resident grabbed his smallbore bolt-action rifle and went outside. As he approached, he noticed that the other man was fussing with the doorknob, trying to enter the home. “When I saw that, I instantly put my rifle up at him,” the pet owner told local reporters. With that, he ordered the would-be intruder to back away from the house and lie on the ground, where the armed citizen held him at gunpoint until the authorities arrived. The suspect faces multiple charges, including one count of breaking and entering. (Statesville Record & Landmark, Statesville, NC, 4/11/18)

The Armed Citizen® Extra
When a family’s burglar alarm woke them in the middle of the night, followed by their son screaming, they immediately went to check on their son. An intoxicated intruder had entered their home and assaulted their 11-year-old boy. The homeowner retrieved his handgun and held the burglar at gunpoint until police arrived. The drunk criminal had previously been arrested for multiple crimes and was charged with burglary and assault. (Chronicle-Independent, Elgin, SC, 6/1/18) 

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
June 1982
An armed robber should have taken Alton Treace’s advice when the San Jose, Calif., shop owner told him, “play it cool; I’ve got a gun here and I’m calling the police.” But the criminal, claiming to have a gun of his own, advanced on the 64-year-old Treace, who opened fire, dropping the intruder in his tracks. (The Mercury, San Jose, CA)

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