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The Armed Citizen® June 18, 2018

The Armed Citizen® June 18, 2018

In another example of how a gun empowers women, a South Carolina woman used a 9 mm handgun to protect her boyfriend from a deadly threat by an attacker armed with a shotgun and a garrote. The thug was one of two people who forced their way into the home. The incident started when loud knocking caused the male homeowner to crack the door open to peek outside. The door was pushed in, shoving the resident against the wall hard enough that the drywall cracked, according to a video news report. The intruders threatened the people inside the home, and during an ensuing struggle, the homeowner’s girlfriend fired two shots, killing one of the bad guys and causing the other to flee. (foxcarolina.com, Gaffney, SC, 4/6/18) 

The Armed Citizen® Extra
Around 6:30 p.m. one evening, an unidentified shooter entered a Louie’s Bar & Grill and opened fire on the customers. Two people were seriously injured, but when the gunman left the restaurant and attempted to flee, an armed bystander standing outside confronted him. The armed citizen drew his handgun and shot the criminal. The captain of the Oklahoma City Police Department said this of the armed citizen, “… it looked like he took the right measures to put an end to the terrible incident.” The two wounded victims are expected to survive. (The Washington Post, Oklahoma City, OK, 5/24/18) 

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
June 1971
The sound of breaking glass in his home one night woke James Siciliano, 80, of Neptune, N.J. Going to the kitchen to investigate, Siciliano discovered two men attempting to force open his backdoor. When Siciliano got a shotgun and the two burglars saw it, they fled. (The Asbury Park Evening Press, Asbury Park, NJ)

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