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Handloads: 12 Gauge

Handloads: 12 Gauge

virtual “pumpkin,” this heavy-hitting 12-ga. load is composed of a 2" Cheddite hull with a Cheddite 209 primer and 26 grs. of Hi-Skor 800-X propellant. That combination launches the 550-gr., 0.715"-wide, hardened lead round ball from a 2558" barrel at 1252 f.p.s., resulting in 1,914 ft.-lbs. of energy. That’s more than many full-house .454 Casull loads. Even from a smoothbore shotgun, accuracy is surprisingly good—measuring 3.16" for 25 shots at 20 yds. Due to its short overall length, which is approximately 1 3/4" when loaded, you’re afforded additional magazine capacity. The end result is a load that’s perfect for protection in the home and around camp, as well as for close-in big-game hunting.

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