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The Armed Citizen® September 15, 2017

The Armed Citizen® September 15, 2017

What started off as a regular workday for a county courthouse judge quickly turned into a self-defense emergency. Around 8 a.m. on a Monday morning, the judge was walking through a narrow alley next to the courthouse heading inside when a man got out of his car in a nearby bank parking lot and opened fire at him. The judge, a concealed-carry permit holder, immediately returned fire. A nearby probation officer stepped in and killed the criminal. An accomplice, who was sitting in the car waiting for the shooter, was taken into custody. (The Philadelphia Inquirer, Steubenville, OH, 8/28/17)

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When grocery-store-owner George Crawford, Stockton, Calif., was ordered by an armed bandit to “hand over the money,” Crawford pushed the bandit’s gun aside and pulled his own .38 from under his apron and fired four times. The bandit fell, mortally wounded. (UP, Stockton, CA)

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