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Rifleman Q & A: Persistent Primers

Rifleman Q & A: Persistent Primers

Q: I am trying to figure out what has happened here. I removed the spent primers from three cases. Two have primer pockets with what appears to be thin metal cylinders in them, preventing a small primer from being seated. I would like to reload these cases. What do I have here?

A: I’ve seen this before, and what has happened is that the entire primer was not removed. The bottom of the cup is gone, but the skirt (sides) of the primer is still in the flash hole. It is impossible to say why this happened in your situation, but similar results have been attributed to excess sealer or a metallurgical issue with the primer cups. It may be more trouble than it’s worth, but if the primer remnants are fully removed, you should be able to reload the case.

—Charles E. Petty

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