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The Armed Citizen® December 29, 2017

The Armed Citizen® December 29, 2017

Suspects might be able to run, but they can’t always hide—not when armed citizens are alert and on their guard. A man who was wanted in connection with a homicide in Pittsburgh found that out for himself one day, even though he had to run to South Carolina. After fleeing Pennsylvania, the thug tried breaking into a Myrtle Beach, S.C., home where a 78-year-old woman lived. When the homeowner noticed a stranger was messing around with one of her windows, she called 9-1-1. She told the dispatcher that she had a gun and she wouldn’t hesitate to use it if the trespasser broke in. Myrtle Beach police responded quickly and arrested the prowler before he gained entry. They found out later he was a person of interest in the killing of a University of Pittsburgh student. (wtae.com, Pittsburgh, PA, 10/13/17) 

The Armed Citizen® Extra
When an armed robber entered a convenience store one night and demanded money from two employees on duty, one decided he was not going to be a victim. A clerk complied and threw money at him, but the other ordered him to drop his gun. When he didn't comply, the clerk fired a shot at him. The injured robber was taken to a medical center where he later succumbed to his wounds. The entire incident was captured on video and the prosecutor said “the clerks did everything right.” (Cincinnati.com, Cincinnati, OH, 9/27/17) 

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
December 1964
An armed bandit entered Darry Duckett’s Chicago, Ill., package store and told Duckett to “give me every nickel you’ve got.” Duckett reached under the cash register and came up firing. The bandit fell dead with a bullet in his chest. (Chicago American, Chicago, IL)

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