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The Armed Citizen® January 13, 2017

The Armed Citizen® January 13, 2017

When a suspect pulled out a note demanding money, the store manager pulled out a gun. The manager of Belmont Market held the alleged robber at gunpoint until the police arrived and arrested the man. He told a news reporter afterward that he was glad he didn’t have to shoot. “The people who come here are excellent, so we don’t want to see anything…happening in our neighborhood,” the manager said. (WHIO, Dayton, OH, 10/13/16)

The Armed Citizen® Extra
A woman and her male housemate awoke early one Friday morning after hearing a possible intruder. The woman, still wearing her pajamas, grabbed a handgun. As she began searching the home she encountered three armed men entering the front door. She proceeded to exchange gunfire with the home invaders, firing multiple rounds, fatally wounding one of them. The other two suspects fled. A police spokeswoman said she had every right to defend herself. (The Washington Post, Atlanta, GA, 9/24/16)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
January 1980
Cheryl Thom, who lives above her West Bend, Wis., music store, heard suspicious noises shortly after midnight. Armed with a shotgun, she investigated and surprised an intruder, whom she ordered to leave. He did just that. (The News, West Bend, WI)

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