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The Armed Citizen® May 20, 2016

The Armed Citizen® May 20, 2016

A valet who works at the General Motors Technical Center helped plant security apprehend a stabbing suspect before police arrived. A woman stopped by the Warren, Mich., business, checked in at the visitor’s desk and asked to see a specific employee. When the worker arrived, she and the visitor talked and then stopped outside the lobby. There, the visitor pulled out a steak knife and started stabbing the employee. A valet, with a permit to carry, pulled his concealed handgun and ordered the assailant to stop. GM security officers arrived and held the suspect for police. (The Macomb Daily, Macomb, MI, 2/11/16)

The Armed Citizen®, Extra
A 63-year-old Columbia County, Florida, man awoke to the sound of someone breaking into his residence. Grabbing his handgun and investigating downstairs, the homeowner encountered an armed man in his living room and shot at him. The injured burglar then dropped what he had been holding and ran into a nearby bathroom. When the armed citizen opened the bathroom door, the thief fled the house, eventually collapsing in a neighbor’s yard. The culprit was apprehended and taken to the hospital with a non-life-threatening wound. Police found that the suspect had been carrying a knife, and that he had previously been hired by the victim to do some work. (actionnewsjax.com, Jacksonville, FL, 1/8/16)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
August 1961
In Maplewood, N.J., gas station operator John Gardner, Sr., was knifed on the arm by one of two bandits who then ordered him to clean out the till. Gardner instead whipped out a pistol and shot his assailant in the chest. Both men took flight and escaped. When the critically wounded bandit sought aid in a Newark hospital, police took him into custody for the Gardner felony and held him as a suspect in two earlier robberies. (Elizabeth Daily Journal, Elizabeth, NJ)

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