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The Armed Citizen® November 14, 2016

The Armed Citizen® November 14, 2016

Sleeping on the job gave a store manager the element of surprise so he could take down a bad guy. As closing time was approaching, a manager at a local supermarket in Waterloo, Iowa, decided to take a short nap behind a counter in his store while another employee worked with customers. The manager was awakened by loud talking and heard repeated demands of “Give me money.” Looking up, the manager saw a male intruder who was pointing a gun at the store clerk. “He didn’t see me before. When he saw me, he pointed the gun to me and said, ‘Don’t move,’” the manager recalled in a news interview. As the gunman turned his attention back to the clerk, the manager reached for a 9 mm Luger semi-automatic he had stowed. The bad guy and the manager exchanged fire, with a bullet striking the troublemaker. The intruder then fled. Police later found and arrested the suspect. (WCFCourier.com, Waterloo, IA, 8/29/16)

The Armed Citizen® Extra
Late one Friday night, a couple received an alert from a neighbor that someone was possibly in their backyard. Upon hearing the news, they went to investigate and found a man armed with a knife coming out of their outbuilding. The homeowner, confronted by the man, shot once in self-defense, killing him. The Sheriff’s office said there would be no charges filed against the homeowner at this time, who was armed with a handgun on his property when he was confronted by an armed individual committing a felony. (Charleston Gazette-Mail, Charleston, WV, 10/15/16)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
November 1961
Two youths knocked on the door of 73-year-old George Z. Michaels’ New York City basement workshop and, as he opened the door, demanded money saying they had a gun. Michaels fired one shot, felling one with a bullet in the abdomen. Police later picked up the wounded one’s companion and booked both for attempted robbery. (World-Telegram, New York City, NY)

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