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Summertime Ruses

Summertime Ruses

On June 30, a man and a woman with a long criminal history staged a home invasion in Las Vegas, Nev., attacking two brothers, their mother and a friend. Fortunately, it ended when the older son, 23, drew his handgun.  

Many of these stories start with what looks like an innocent-looking person at the door. This one came in the morning daylight hours in what I hope isn’t a school-vacation trend.

A female knocked, asking if she could make a call because her car had broken down. Before the youngest son could close the door, she forced her way in, and put him and his friend in a headlock, clearing entry for her .22 LR pistol-toting male accomplice.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has full details here, and it’s a scary reminder that the night no longer has an exclusive on criminal activity. The newspaper’s initial report has more detail about the method of entry and the crime-stopping shots delivered by the eldest son from his .40 S&W handgun.

Staging a ruse to gain easy entry in a home—in a manner that doesn’t raise a neighbor’s eyebrows—is nothing new. The daring daylight approach isn’t, either, but with youngsters off for the summer and often the first to answer a knock at the door, now’s the time remind them to never open or unlock it for strangers. Retrieve an adult to handle the situation, and if they’re home alone and someone is asking for help, they should call 9-1-1. If it’s a real emergency, or even just a broken-down car, let the professionals handle it.

As for the victims, no charges are expected to be filed, and the same newspaper has already run an editorial about the Second Amendment and self-defense.

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