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Unwelcome House Calls

Unwelcome House Calls

Rather than echo the sound advice to keep your carry gun on you and doors locked—even when you’re home and it’s broad daylight—I’ll let the criminals do the talking in this short list of home invasions in the last month. 

Indiana’s incident is sickening. The pastor left for the gym, but when he returned at 8:30 a.m. his 28-year-old bride—12 weeks pregnant—was unconscious on the floor. She had three bullet wounds, including one to the back of her head, execution style. To quote the ABC News headline, “Suspect stood over pastor’s pregnant wife after shooting her and watched her bleed, court documents say.”  The couple’s infant son, upstairs in a crib, was unharmed.  Despite the best efforts of doctors, she remained unresponsive and later died. Authorities arrested two who now face murder charges. A third allegedly violated parole in driving the getaway car.  An unlocked front door provided the criminals access for what began as a burglary.

I have to admit the pastor is a much bigger man than I could ever be. After the arrests, he’s still choosing “love over hate.”  

The 81-year-old California woman beaten during this broad daylight home invasion should make a full recovery. In Illinois, one criminal ended his lunch break (if they take one) and started shooting as he broke in. Here’s another post-brunch incident in Wisconsin.

It was 5:38 p.m. in Pennsylvania, about the time you expect Dominos to deliver, but it was four or five men making a house call. And, you just never know. An Ohio neighbor killed a couple and their 7-year-old son at sometime around 5 p.m.

Obviously, criminals usually prefer the work under cover of darkness, but some of the reports emphasize the fact they don’t care who they target. Duct tape was used to tie up a 91 year old in New York while the house was ransacked. The house was torched after an elderly man was killed in Michigan and the perpetrator(s) remains at large.  

With holiday school vacations quickly approaching, here’s another ominous safety reminder from Delaware. And if you want to read something really creepy, a baby monitor’s camera photographed a New York burglar crawling around the house while the family slept through most of the incident.  

There are a lot of criminals who view this time of year as one of opportunity, and precisely why lawful citizens should get training and own/carry a gun. The unthinkable can—and does—happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone. 

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