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The Armed Citizen® Nov. 23, 2015

The Armed Citizen® Nov. 23, 2015

In Canton, Mass., a husband shot and killed a rabid fox that had been attacking a pregnant woman and an 8-year-old child. Joanna Martin was in the backyard of her home in Canton when she saw a fox crawl under the fence. Not long after, she told a local television reporter, she heard a little boy screaming. Apparently the fox had knocked the child down and was on top of the boy. Martin approached and started kicking the fox to get it off the boy. Her husband heard the commotion and came out to help. At first, it seemed that kicking the fox has subdued the animal, but it regrouped and started charging at the people. That’s when Richard Martin shot it three times. Tests revealed that the fox was rabid. The woman, who was bitten on the ankle, and the boy, who had no visible bite marks, are undergoing rabies treatments. (Fox25, Boston, MA, 5/7/15)

The Armed Citizen® Extra
A Texas man picked the wrong house to burglarize when he tried to break into the home of a Port Arthur police officer. The cop heard glass breaking at the front of his house and went to investigate, finding a man on his front porch attempting to gain entry with a hammer. The robber then confronted the officer, who shot the intruder once in the hip. The suspect was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. The incident is under investigation. (12newsnow.com, Beaumont, TX, 9/24/15)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
January 1989
An 89-year-old Ft. Wayne, Ind. woman was talking on the phone when the line went dead. Later, she heard noises and thought someone was trying to break in. So she headed out the door to a neighbor’s house to call the police. But, as she opened the door, a man wearing a black hood pushed her back into the house. Her 91-year-old husband heard the commotion and grabbed a shotgun. The hooded man told the husband to get back, but when the resident continued to advance, the hooded man fled. “The gun saved us,” the woman said. “Boy, did he run.” (The News Sentinel, Fort Wayne, IN)

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