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Paired-up With Shotguns

Paired-up With Shotguns

With only eight shooters left in the house, Top Shot producers finally introduced a firearm that didn’t only fire a single projectile. For this episode, the even number of shooters was paired up in a Season Three favorite with a Benelli Vinci and Benelli M4.

Each pair had to hit a moving 8-inch steel plate with the M4, which released two clays that had to be dusted with the Vinci. In addition to accuracy, loading was a crucial aspect of this challenge, proven by Joe and Brian, who had issues keeping the shotguns charged, particularly the M4. Because of their low score, the pair was joined by Phil and Chris at the Proving Ground, where a new pistol was introduced for that challenge-the Walther P99.

The shot was taken at 50 feet, and once again Brian and Chris were spared the Elimination Challenge by placing holes that measured exactly the same distance from the bullseye. It was interesting to watch Chris pretty much resign himself to going home and then match one of the premier handgun shooters in the country.

It seems that now the field has shrunk, the producers are adding footage from the house to fulfill the show’s time requirement. It wasn’t too bad though, because the segments were more about the competitors eating and having a good time and was short on the drama that dominated previous seasons.

In the Elimination Challenge, Phil and Joe had to hit six targets on a spinner with the Bowtech StrykeZone 380, and, once again, loading played an important factor. Joe just couldn’t figure out how to the crossbow smoothly, and even though Phil had some early accuracy problems, he obtained a nice lead and ended Joe’s time in the competition.

Next week’s episode should be really good, as they are bringing back the roundabout and the zip line to challenge the shooters’ skills. I am fascinated that the Elimination Challenges seem to be much more interesting, and am wondering how many shooters are a little jealous of their fellows battling it out in challenges I would love to try.

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