The Armed Citizen® October 13, 2017

posted on October 13, 2017
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In Spokane, Wash., a 17-year-old girl was forced to defend herself from a robbery suspect who picked the wrong home to break into. Local news stations reported on the morning news that a perimeter had been set in the vicinity of the girl’s home to catch the escapee, who led police on a car chase before getting away on foot. The girl called her father to ask if she could use one of his guns just in case of emergency. Receiving permission, the girl retrieved the gun, placed it under her pillow and went back to sleep. Later in the morning, the girl awoke to the sounds of someone moving about the house. The girl grabbed the gun and hid behind her vanity, only to have the suspect enter her room. She pointed the gun at the man, who took off running at the sight of the firearm. The man stole her boyfriend’s ATV from the property to make his escape. The girl later confirmed the robbery suspect was the same man who had broken into her home. (KHQ6, Spokane, WA, 7/17/17)

The Armed Citizen® Extra
Late one Monday night, a man gained entry into a home through a rear door. The resident was able to arm herself with a handgun and, after a short confrontation with the intruder, fired a shot that hit and wounded him. The man was taken to a hospital and is under investigation for burglary. (Ventura County Star, Castaic, CA, 6/27/17)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
October 1980
When an armed robber threatened to kill three fellow employees and the manager of a suburban Dallas supermarket as they lay at gunpoint on the store’s floor, clerk Kathy Carter whispered a prayer and killed him with a single shot from a pistol concealed in her cashier’s booth. (The Times Herald, Dallas, TX)


Jo.Lo.Ar Pistol
Jo.Lo.Ar Pistol

I Have This Old Gun: Jo.Lo.Ar Pistol

It was in 1919 when José de Lopez Arnaiz cleverly devised a unique single-action pistol with a moveable lever (palanca) of which enabled shooters to single-handedly chamber and cock the gun using only the index and middle fingers.

The Armed Citizen® May 27, 2024

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