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posted on January 8, 2016
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When a California homeless man witnessed a young woman being beaten by a man near a Fresno, Calif., liquor store late one night, he didn’t hesitate to help. Paul DeLeon came across the fighting couple and used pepper spray on the male, who was later identified as the woman’s ex-boyfriend. The suspect responded by tracking down DeLeon and firing a gun at him several times, hitting him once in the arm. DeLeon, who had a registered handgun, returned fire, scaring off the suspect. The ex-boyfriend’s car was later found abandoned at a near-by intersection, though the man remains on the lam. The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office called DeLeon a Good Samaritan, and said no charges will be brought against him. (, 8/7/15)

The Armed Citizen® Extra
A Dayton, Ohio, woman was forced to take matters into her own hands during a recent home invasion when the authorities did not respond to her initial 9-1-1 call in time. The incident occurred when the woman was awakened by the sound of a man trying to break down her front door. She called the police, and was told by the dispatcher that an officer would be by to investigate. An hour later the cops still hadn’t come by to assist her, but the burglar was now attempting to break in through an upstairs window, leaving the resident no choice but to fatally shoot the intruder. (, Dayton, OH, 9/10/15)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
April 1975
Two armed robbers in their 30s cut the alarm wires of Roy Tuggle’s Coral Ridge Fla., home and then broke in. Tuggle, 56, awakened and critically wounded one of the culprits with three shots from a handgun kept in his bedroom due to previous robberies. When he found the other robber holding a revolver to his wife’s head, Tuggle fired two shots, killing the robber where he stood. “Justifiable homicide,” said Assistant State Attorney Tom Kern. (The Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale, FL)


Henry Repeating Arms H001 Long Barrel 24" lever-action rifle shown on wood floor with Bushnell riflescope Silencer Central Banish 22 sound suppressor
Henry Repeating Arms H001 Long Barrel 24" lever-action rifle shown on wood floor with Bushnell riflescope Silencer Central Banish 22 sound suppressor

Henry Repeating Arms & The "Quiet Frontier"

Old West meets new tech to see just how quiet a suppressed rimfire rifle can be, thanks to the Henry Repeating Arms suppressor-ready Frontier.

120,000 Biometric Gun Safes Recalled

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the recall of roughly 120,000 biometric gun safes due to biometric locks that can allow unauthorized access.

Rifleman Review: Springfield Armory SA-35

In 2021, Springfield Armory brought out its SA-35, a rendition of the classic Browning Hi Power, one of the iconic handguns of the 20th century.

New For 2024: Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport III

In a crowded AR-15 market, consumers are looking for the best bang for their buck. Most look no further than the Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport, and the company has an updated generation out for 2024.

Handloads: A 10 mm Auto Loaded For Bear

The fear of a bear attack has likely sold more 10 mm Auto handguns than all firearm advertising combined. The 10 mm does deliver some impressive ballistics for a cartridge chambered in semi-automatic handguns.

The Rifleman Report: Creative Minds At Work

As all of us who experience this “mortal coil” eventually learn, the days seem more fleeting with each passing year. For those of us who make a living observing and reporting about the firearm industry, they eventually result in a somewhat disorganized pile of memories about companies, products and the people who create them.


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