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Law-Abiding Citizens Using Their Second Amendment Rights In Self-Defense

posted on December 3, 2021
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The homeowner of an Atlanta, Ga., home saved another resident when they were attacked by an armed home invader on Oct. 13, 2021.

It started when the 36-year-old intruder entered the home through a window after 11 p.m. that Wednesday evening, and promptly armed himself with two kitchen knives. He then moved on to another room, where he came across a wheelchair-bound resident. The armed home invader then moved in and tried to stab the disabled resident. Luckily for that resident, the homeowner was aware of the situation and armed.

The homeowner came across the struggling resident and assailant and opened fire, striking the intruder in the stomach and arm. The shots from the homeowner thwarted the intruder's attack and he attempted to flee, only to be found nearby by police. Despite the best efforts of the intruder, the wheelchair-bound resident was fortunately not injured during the knife attack. (, Atlanta, Ga., 10/14/2021)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives - April 2, 1987

Joe Aycock was asleep in his Gardendale, Ala., home when he heard someone try to break in and saw hands attempting to open the back door. He got his .357 Mag. and held it on a knife-wielding intruder, leading the man to a phone to call police. the burglar made a grab for the gun and, in the ensuing struggle, Aycock shot the intruder, wounding him. (The North Jefferson News, Gardendale, Ala.)


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