Streamlight E-Flood Litebox HL

posted on June 14, 2013


Streamlight has introduced the E-Flood Litebox HL, a rechargeable, industrial-duty flood light that provides up to 3,600 lumens.

The lantern used six C4 LEDs and six wide-pattern reflectors to produce a broad, uniform beam of light, and allows user to select from two beam widths and three intensity modes.

“The E-Flood LiteBox HL is the ultimate lantern, offering a powerful, sweeping beam of light for general scene lighting, military operations, lighting up large work areas such as emergency response scenes or for outdoor uses,” said Michael F. Dineen Streamlight vice president of sales and marketing. “It also provides the value of rechargeable lighting.”

Its three levels of intensity provide 3,600 lumens on high, 2,400 on medium and 1,200 on low, with beam distances of 352 meters, 283 meters and 210 meters, respectively. Run times range from two hours on high to eight hours on low.

The lantern’s 12-volt sealed lead acid battery is rechargeable up to 500 times, can be used while charging with its remote cord and the unit fits existing Litebox chargers. The E-Flood Litebox HL is 12.3 inches long and weighs 10.4 pounds, and features a high-impact ABS thermoplastic housing with impact bumper and a cushioned handle.

It’s available in safety orange with either a standard or vehicle mount system for $600, which includes Streamlight’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. The standard system features both AC and DC chargers and rack, while the vehicle mount option comes with a hard-wire rack for mounting.


Fn America High Power Stainless Steel F
Fn America High Power Stainless Steel F

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