Ruger Brings Back SP101 Revolver in 9 mm

posted on November 12, 2017
After nearly a two-decade absence from its catalog, Ruger has announced the return of a 9 mm chambering to its SP101 revolver lineup. Introduced in 1989, the revolver is also currently chambered in .357 Mag., .327 Fed. Mag., .38 Spl. +P, .22 LR; the original 9 mm model was removed from its offerings in 1998. 


In addition to shipping with three full moon clips, which act as both a speed loader and help eject spent cartridges, the new 9 mm SP101 features a 2.25” barrel with a 1:16” RH twist. The five-shot solid steel wheelgun weighs in at 25 ozs., with a 7.20” overall length. Other features are identified as cushioned rubber grip with black plastic insert; Ruger's patented transfer bar mechanism​; a patented grip frame to accommodate custom grips; a triple-locking cylinder that is locked into the frame at the front, rear and bottom​; a black ramp front sight and an integral rear sight. MSRP is $719. For more, visit


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