Product Preview: Zeta6 J-CLIP Speedloader

posted on July 30, 2023
Zeta6 J-CLIP Speedloader

Lightweight, inexpensive and devoid of moving parts, the molded polyurethane and pentagonally shaped J-CLIP speedloader from Zeta6 holds a full five-round reload for Smith & Wesson J-frame and similar-format Ruger, Taurus, Rossi and older Charter Arms revolvers.

Though not compatible with oversize stocks, the J-CLIP is easy to use: Simply grab it by its textured tab using the weak hand, insert the cartridges into the cylinder and then peel the tab away to release the reload before closing the cylinder.

A similar version is available for six-shot revolvers, as are single-file “strip” configurations. MSRP is $12.

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