Preview: N8 Tactical OT2 Combat Cut Holster

posted on September 15, 2020
N8 Tactical, a holster company based in Springfield, Mo., is releasing a new concealed carry holster for mid- to full-size pistols: the OT2 Combat Cut Holster. The OT2 is designed to be a comfortable inside-the-waistband holster with improved clothing compatibility, combining features from the previous Original Holster and Tuckable Holster designs. The Combat Cut design allows the user to gain a full grasp of the pistol's grip when drawing from the holster.

The OT2 is constructed mostly of leather, with a soft suede backing and moisture-proof neoprene core sandwiched between the two. The leather provides a smooth surfaced to draw from and will not mar or scratch the firearm when pulled out. Suede backing offers comfort for the user on both bare skin or with a tucked-in shirt. The neoprene layer prevents moisture buildup in the holster's layers when used in hot environments, protecting the pistol from body oils and sweat.

The layering also provides cushioning to prevent the pistol from pushing into the user's side uncomfortably. Another feature of the OT2 Combat Cut Holster is the patent pending LockDown Clip on the outer face of the holster. The clip can be adjusted for cant angle by simply loosening the screw and retightening at the desired desired angle. Teeth on the back of the injection molded clip align with the teeth of the adapter ring, locking the clip in place with limited mobility.

Most name brand mid-size and full-size pistols popular on the market today are compatible with the OT2 holster, which comes in two sizes to fit either size option. The OT2 even has accommodations in the pocket for some flashlight or laser modules. The OT2 comes in three different leather color options including black, desert sand and desert moss.

The OT2 comes with a lifetime warranty against defects along with a "two week, try it free guarantee" where the buyer can return the holster to N8 Tactical within two weeks of purchase if they are not satisfied. The OT2 holster retails for $40 with a slight upcharge for the color options of desert tan and desert moss. For more information on the N8 Tactical OT2 Combat Cut Holster, visit



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