Preview: Lyman MSR Precision Die System

posted on February 20, 2022
Lyman MSR Precision Die System

Handloaders crafting rounds for America’s most popular rifle, the AR-15, can turn to Lyman Products for its MSR Precision Die System that includes a cartridge “Go” gauge packaged in a sturdy storage case with a clear top for easy reference.

Three-die sets service AR-style platforms chambered in .223 Rem./5.56 NATO, .224 Valkyrie, 6.8 mm SPC, .300 Blackout and .308 Win., and four-die sets come with .450 Bushmaster, .458 SOCOM, 9 mm Luger, 350 Legend and .50 Beowulf units. Dies are finished black. Don’t forget to add the Lyman AR Reloading Handbook 2nd Edition ($17.50) to assist in crafting safe, effective loads.

MSRP ranges from $83 to $140. For more information, please visit


Approaching Trend
Approaching Trend

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