Product Preview: Lyman Ultimate Case Prep Kit

posted on December 23, 2015

The Lyman Ultimate Case Prep Kit places more than a dozen cartridge case preparation tools in one convenient bundle. Stored in a sturdy, well-organized plastic case, each tool features a hardened tip and a molded handle with rubber inserts to help ensure a solid purchase. The kit includes an extra-large deburring tool (inside and out), small and large primer pocket reamers, small and large primer pocket uniformers, small and large primer pocket cleaners, a flash hole uniformer, an outside chamfer deburring tool and a VLD chamfer reamer. Also included in the kit is a bullet puller with two sizes of collets, an E-ZEE case gauge for measuring case length, four nylon case neck brushes and a small container of dry case neck lube. Offered at a 40 percent discount compared to the cost of purchasing all the kit’s tools separately, Lyman’s Ultimate Case Prep Kit provides a convenient way for beginning handloaders to quickly build-up their tool collections. Price: $140. Contact: Lyman Products Corp. (860) 632-2020;


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Gotw 2020 Redline Cover

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