Preview: J&M Spec Dummy Rounds

posted on February 27, 2022
J&M Spec Dummy Rounds

From recent additions to the cartridge pantheon such as 6.8 mm Western and .300 PRC to obscure chamberings such as 8x52 mm R Siamese and .577 Snider, J&M Spec offers a truly staggering assortment of handgun, rifle and shotgun dummy rounds and snap caps made using real cases and projectiles.

The charge-less rounds are available in a number of different configurations—with either spent primers, empty primer pockets or with orange (older black version shown) rubber inserts embedded within the pocket—and with the option of a single hole drilled into the side of each case. Those intending to use these dummy rounds for dry-fire practice are encouraged to exercise extra caution, as J&M Spec products closely resemble live ammunition at first glance.

In order to further identify its products as inert, all the company’s metallic cartridges can be ordered with a blackened finish applied via an oxidizing process. For more information, please visit



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