Preview: 1791 Gunleather RVHX Thumb Break Revolver Holster

posted on July 12, 2021
1791 Gunleather Thumb Break Revolver Holster F

One of the latest holster options from 1791 Gunleather makes it easy and comfortable to carry your J-frame revolver in a secure EDC rig. The 1791 Gunleather RVHX Thumb Break revolver holster is crafted from premium-quality leather and features an outside-the-waistband design that promotes concealment.

Most armed citizens who choose to carry a five-shot, J-frame-size revolver carry inside the waistband, but this can lead to discomfort during long periods of carry. The 1791 Gunleather RVHX-1 revolver holster is built to ride high on the waistband with minimal profile below the belt, which means that you can wear a simple polo to conceal the gun during daily carry. Since it's outside the waistband, you'll have a more secure, comfortable carry rig that won't shift inside your belt. The RVHX-1 is made from high-quality steer hide and reinforced with double stitching to ensure durability during years of service.

One of the key elements of the 1791 Gunleather RVHX-1 holster is its retention strap. The thumb-break strap wraps over the back of the revolver, securing it inside its holster during daily carry. Even if you're running, bending down or twisting, there's no chance that your revolver will dislodge itself. And during a defensive confrontation, the thumb-break tab is so-called because a simple swipe of your strong-hand thumb will disengage the retention strap, leading to a seamless draw that's just as fast as a friction-retention holster. Plus, the lightweight nature of the design and the fact that it spreads a gun's weight across the belt makes it ideal for a dedicated daily carry holster.

Designed to fit belts measuring up to 1.75" wide, the 1791 Gunleather RVHX-1 Thumb Break revolver holster will accommodate most five-shot, .38-cal. revolvers with barrels measuring up to 2.125" long. These include the Colt Cobra, Smith & Wesson Model 36, Smith & Wesson 340 PD, Ruger LCR, Kimber K6s and more. Right- and left-handed models are available, and color options are available in classic brown, signature brown or stealth black. The suggested retail price of the revolver holster is $59.99. For more information, visit


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