On The Range: Ruger Wrangler Birdshead

posted on January 19, 2022

While Ruger's initial Wrangler lineup of single-action rimfire revolvers gave enthusiasts a taste of the Old West in an affordable, fun-to-use format, there was room for expansion that gave rimfire fans a classically styled revolver that hearkened back to the late decades of the 19th century. In late 2021, Ruger announced the addition of the Wrangler birdshead models, which feature a slick, carry-styled birdshead grip frame and grips paired with a shortened 3.75" barrel.

Ruger's Wrangler revolvers are built on a zinc-alloy frame, which makes them affordable to the average enthusiasts while still being reliable and durable enough for range use. Paired with this alloy frame is a six-round steel cylinder and a cold-hammer-forged steel barrel, which ensures accuracy and long service. Topping the barrel is a traditional half-crescent blade sight reminiscent of the front sights seen on classic Single Action Army revolvers, and this front sight is viewed through a trough located on the topstrap of the frame, which is visible when the revolver is cocked.

Like the iconic Colt Peacemaker, the Ruger Wrangler birdshead models are loaded and unloaded through a loading gate on the right side of the recoil shield. When opened, this gate locks the gun's mechanism, preventing users from cocking the gun or pulling the trigger. Unloading spent rounds is easy, thanks to the classic, functional ejector rod housed on the lower-right portion of the barrel. For added safety, the revolver is equipped with a transfer-bar mechanism, which means you can load all six rounds in the cylinder and not worry about bumping the hammer on a live round.

Ruger's Wrangler birdshead models are available in one of three Cerakote finishes: black, silver and burnt bronze. Suggested retail pricing on the new revolver is $279. For more information, visit ruger.com.


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