New from CZ-USA

posted on January 15, 2014

Are you a serious target shooter? Then you'll want to check out new releases from CZ-USA. In the company's lineup for 2014 are three new shotguns: the Sporter Standard Grade Adjustable Rib, Canvasback Gold and Lady Sterling. The Sporter Standard Grade Adjustable Rib was designed for shooters who switch between shooting trap and clays, providing the capability to adjust the point of impact to shoot high or flat.

The Canvasback Gold is a newer edition of the well-known Canvasback, but it now features two gold birds inlaid on each side, hence the name.

The Lady Sterling is a 12-gauge, 28-inch barrel shotgun made specifically for women, the characteristics of which are most obvious in the stock design. For more information, visit


Fn America High Power Stainless Steel F
Fn America High Power Stainless Steel F

10 Hot New Handguns For 2022

Handguns continue to be hot commodities, and 2022 is no different. Here are 10 new models we've seen out this year.

New For 2022: Arex Delta Gen.2 Tactical

Slovenian firearm manufacturer Arex announced the launch of its Delta Gen.2 Tactical in several models for 2022.

New For 2022: Kimber Micro 9 Black OI

Kimber expanded its popular line of Micro 9 handguns with optic-included models, and the Micro 9 Black OI is one of the first.

First Look: Magpul Pro 700 Lite SA Chassis

Magpul's new Pro 700 Lite SA chassis combines the best features from its original Pro 700 design and its PRS Lite stock into one while simplifying features to save on cost.

First Look: Federal Premium Punch In .44 Spl.

Federal Premium expanded its affordable Punch line of ammunition in 2022 with an all-new .44 Spl. cartridge offering.

New For 2022: Taurus USA 327

Taurus expanded its lineup of affordable revolvers in 2022 with the 327, a DA/SA wheelgun chambered in the .327 Fed. Mag.


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