New for 2020: SIG Sauer P220 Legion Carry SAO Limited Edition

posted on September 14, 2020
SIG Sauer has announced it will offer a limited-edition variant of its P220 semi-automatic pistol marketed exclusively for the company’s Legion club. The P220 Legion Carry SAO is a single-column, recoil-operated semi-automatic pistol chambered for .45 ACP.

“The introduction of the P220 Legion Carry SAO is both a unique and exclusive opportunity and brings several firsts to the market for our Legion Series pistols. Most notably this is the first introduction of both a carry size pistol and the availability of a .45 caliber for a Legion Series pistol,” said Tom Taylor, chief marketing officer, and executive vice president, SIG Sauer, Inc. “Additionally, this is a rare opportunity to either become a member of the exclusive SIG Sauer Legion or expand your collection as a current Legion member, due to the fact that this is a limited-run pistol.”

The P220 Legion Carry SAO measures 7.1” in length, 5.5” high and 1.5” wide, which allows users to comfortably carry SIG’s latest pistol with eight rounds of .45 ACP on board; SIG provides three steel magazines.

SIG Sauer’s Legion Series is an exclusive club for purchasers with access to proprietary firearm treatments and accessories: Included with the P220 Legion Carry SAO pistol is the custom Legion Gray finish along with custom G10 stocks, engravings, trigger and sights. By registering a SIG Sauer Legion Series, pistol owners become a part of the SIG Sauer Legion. This includes member-only access to free gear and premium merchandise, in addition to exclusive Legion member-only communications and events.

The P220 Legion Carry SAO is fitted with a stainless-steel slide that houses a 3.9” stainless-steel barrel. SIG includes its custom trigger here, too, which features a target-style flat face and ultra-short reset. The manual safety lever is ambidextrous and accessible for left- and right-handed shooters. SIG Sauer X-RAY3 day/night sights come standard and Picatinny rail is included.

Suggested retail pricing on the pistol is $1,329.99. To learn more about the limited-edition SIG Sauer P220 Legion Carry SAO chambered for .45 ACP, visit the company website HERE.



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