New for 2020: Escort 22LR Bolt-Action Rifle

posted on January 18, 2020
Escort is a company that’s best-known for providing a wide variety of shotguns, from field-grade models built of wood and steel to more contemporary designs that mimic the aesthetics of America’s most popular rifle, the AR-15. New for 2020, Escort has announced a bolt-action rimfire line simply called 22LR. The Escort 22LR is initially available in two configurations, one featuring Turkish walnut and another utilitarian model featuring a black, synthetic stock with modern accoutrements.

Key features included on the Escort 22LR are a hard-chrome-finished steel receiver mated to a 24.8” barrel also finished in hard chrome to combat corrosion and wear. The rifles feed from five- and 10-round detachable box magazines, Escort includes both to accommodate a variety of plinking, target shooting or hunting needs. A bolt-mounted safety comes standard, along with a cocked-bolt indicator. Barrels come threaded 1/2x28 and capped for thread protection. Both the walnut and synthetic version provide sling swivel studs and allow for mounting optics via a 11 mm dovetail rail along the receiver’s top.

In addition to the standard characteristics found on the barreled action of the 22LR, the gun also features a Turkish-walnut stock, which provides shooters with fish-scale texturing at the stock’s wrist along with panels forward the receiver. Capping the wood stock is Hatsan USA’s Duotex recoil pad to provide ample cushion with a hard cop along the unit’s top to expedite shouldering and eliminate snagging. Conversely, Escort’s synthetic stock model features a textured panels in the grip and fore-end for positive purchase. A Picatinny rail is included for accessories, and the buttstock is designed to accommodate a spare magazine.

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